Green Deal Guide: What You Need to Know

What Is The Green Deal?

There’s a clear recognition in the new coalition Government that tackling climate change, securing our future energy supplies and making a permanent transition to a low carbon, high growth economy is an urgent and vital task

Energy efficiency lies at the very heart of our strategy. It means being smarter about the energy we use – making the most of a precious resource and eliminating waste.

But it’s also a policy that’s long been ignored – with homes and businesses across Britain wasting energy and money. Contact us today.

The Green Deal

Last week we introduced into parliament the Energy Bill which will set in place the framework for the Green Deal.

It’s the biggest shake-up in the history of energy efficiency. It will be more ambitious than anything that’s ever been tried before. It will reduce energy wastage and save people and business money. It will create jobs, reduce CO2 emissions and help secure energy supplies for future generations.

Thinking about moving house? Here’s 7 ways to make it an eco-friendly move

For most people, moving is the worst chore imaginable. Packing, cleaning, and hauling boxes can be tiresome to say the least. Though you don’t want to add any more responsibilities to your list, there’s one more thing everyone should consider while moving: how to make the move more eco-friendly.

Our recent survey has revealed

How many have insulation installed at their property?

How many people have a fully functioning boiler?

Who is aware of what it takes to be eco-friendly?

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